Dynamic Communication Skills Coaching

Applied Theatre Communication Consultants provide high quality, immersive, bespoke communication coaching.

We work with any size of organisation and across sectors to empower people to achieve their communication goals. Let us show you how individuals and teams can benefit from our distinctive, creative approach and combination of skills and experience.

What we do

Using techniques from theatre and coaching, we support teams and individuals to build confidence and develop authentic, powerful interpersonal and presentation skills.

  • transform the way you feel about yourself and how you communicate 
  • learn impactful techniques to communicate with others, 1-1 and in front of an audience
  • deal with high stakes situations with control and confidence

Our approach

Whether working with groups or individuals, we want everyone to have their own “aha” moment! Learning by doing is one of the top three ways to have real impact on performance and progress. 

  • we create a relaxed atmosphere with emphasis on the practical and fun!
  • we work in a high challenge/low risk atmosphere, ensuring everyone feels engaged and supported to develop confidence and learn the skills to adapt themselves for any situation
  • you will leave with a “tool kit” of skills that can be applied straight away

Who we are

We are a passionate and inspiring team of educators, coaches, and theatre practitioners.


  • we have developed an exciting approach to training using our theatre and coaching skills
  • we are a people centred team who bring authenticity to the training room
  • we believe that everyone can be confident and compelling communicators

To find out how we can help you, your team or your organisation, contact us today

Our workshops can be from learning lunches to longer sessions, stand alone or part of a series and can be delivered online or face to face

Our Workshops

From developing a strong vocal and physical presence to dealing with conflict, to inspiring creativity through improvisation, we create bespoke workshops filled with “aha” moments!

We learn deeply when we are emotionally connected to the task. Our workshops are dynamic and immersive, with participants at the centre of the coaching. Through practical engagement, feedback and reflection participants will learn, practice and develop key communication skills. From learning to work successfully with others, having the confidence to deal with nerves and tension, learning how to actively listen, adapting themselves“in the moment”, all while being effective and authentic.

Why choose us?

Humans are wired for connection. At Applied Theatre we passionately believe that connecting with others creates opportunities to grow as individuals, teams and organisations; to be innovative; to build confidence and to open doors. We can help you or your people achieve their personal or business potential by developing the interpersonal skills and confidence needed to make authentic connections and strengthen relationships.

Learning about yourself, how to read other people, how to understand what motivates others and being able to adapt yourself in high stakes situations can be a super power!

In our workshops we harness the secrets of charismatic, authentic performers and presenters. We explore how their well-honed knowledge and skills manage nerves, connect with their audiences and move people. We then combine these with powerful coaching skills in a practical, immersive way to ensure individual communication “aha” moments!

Who we are

Founded by Fiona MacPherson and Sarah MacDonald in 2018, Applied Theatre Communication Consultants is a team of trained actors and teachers with a combined experience of over 35 years in teaching theatre and communication.

People from all walks of life have shared with us how a lack of confidence has impacted on their life chances, on missed opportunities and on their self-esteem. Our “aha” moment came when we realised by combining our theatre background and extensive teaching experience, we had the potential to empower people to find that missing confidence and take control of their lives.

Our clients

The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

To find out how we can help you, your team or your organisation, contact us today

Our workshops can be from learning lunches to longer sessions, stand alone or part of a series and can be delivered online or face to face

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