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Transformative Communication Workshops

Applied Theatre has 36 years of combined experience in the worlds of education and theatre. Bringing together all this experience and knowledge, our dynamic communication workshops can help transform the way you interact, communicate and present yourself to the world.

Applied Theatre creates and delivers unique workshops that can be tailored to your requirements. We can offer bespoke packages that look at topics suggested by you, or a combination of the popular workshops described below.

All our workshops can be delivered across Scotland and online for a fully immersive and interactive experience.

Challenge your fear of meeting new people, of finding your way into and out of conversations, of being rejected. Learn how you can make your way around a room of potential contacts and present your best self.

Returning to work after a time away for any reason can sometimes seem a daunting prospect. This workshop will help you build confidence in the skills you feel you have lost touch with as well as help you identify YOUR unique set of new skills, build confidence, communication skills and assertiveness while retaining your sense of self.

How can you effectively make yourself heard, without rubbing people up the wrong way? How can you find a way to make your voice heard when you feel ignored? How do you get the balance between assertiveness and aggression?

One to one interviews, facing a panel of unfamiliar faces, being put on the spot, your mind going blank as you struggle to breathe. If this is how you feel about interviews, then this workshop will teach you the skills to prepare your body and mind for this high stakes situation.

Your voice is unique. It reflects your background, your influences, your feelings and your personality. Anxiety about how you sound to others can be a serious barrier to effective communication. In this workshop you will learn how to control your voice to deliver your message with impact.

In high stake situations your body language can “leak” inner feelings of nerves, fear and excitement when we want to communicate calm, control and confidence. Build control of your non-verbal communication in this workshop focused on interaction skills.

Conflict, while often avoided, is not necessarily bad.  The key is making conflict a catalyst for change, progress and meaningful relationships. In this workshop we look at what conflict looks like to you, how you can differentiate between positive and negative conflict, how you can use simple but highly effective techniques to manage conflict effectively and positively.

Whether it is with an all singing all dancing slide show, the use of props, a simple speech or a challenging pitch, YOU are the product. You are the one thing that stands between an audience engaging with your message or being wholly uninspired. This workshop teaches you the vocal and physical tools that you need to be an inspiring and authentic presenter in any situation.

connecting creates opportunities

Communication is the cornerstone of society

Communicating in a demanding world

Before speech was developed, we communicated through body language, gestures and sounds. Over time, rules and rituals developed across cultures for addressing one another in formal and informal ways.

In today’s ever changing, global, socially demanding world the expectation to have and develop highly effective relationships is key to business, self-development, and a sense of purpose. When people connect successfully opportunities arise and can be seized upon. Doors and minds can open.

Applied Theatre recognises the need for leaders, teams and individuals to develop a keen sense of self-awareness and a deeper understanding of others both within and out with their own cultures. The ability to deal with high stake situations effectively and authentically can be the difference between success and failure.

With the digital revolution we have seen the amazing impact technology can have on our lives. Alongside the many online ways of communicating there is no better time to nurture and develop our ability to communicate face to face. The moment when people meet in the same physical space is when the connection is made to build a strong and authentic relationship.

"Fantastic workshop! Really informative, interactive and effective."
"The workshop was very engaging, with lots of activities. The toolkits are also very useful and simple."


We welcome inquiries from higher and further education institutions, corporate entities and social enterprises regarding our bespoke communication workshops. If you’d like to get in touch with us and find out more please email us at and we will respond at our earliest opportunity.  We look forward to hearing from you.