About Us

Applied Theatre Communication Consultants was founded in 2018 by Fiona MacPherson and Sarah MacDonald. We have worked with many people across different sectors to inspire and motivate them to become powerful and authentic communicators.

We lead a team of dynamic and experienced facilitators from the worlds of performance, directing, and education. Our passion is to help you, your organisation or your team to discover your communication “aha” moments!

Fiona MacPherson

I have a BA in Acting with distinction and a PGDE in Drama Education with distinction from Edinburgh University. I have worked in education since 2006 helping people master their nerves to communicate to an audience effectively. Working with people of different ages, cultures, economic and social backgrounds to direct, guide and coach them towards confident and successful communication is my passion and privilege.  

My acting background began with a fascination with human behaviour and developed into a passion for coaching, directing and performance. I have worked in radio and on stage as well as in front of a room full of teenagers! At all times, I like to keep my audiences engaged with my unique sense of humour to connect with people and put them at ease; after all connecting creates opportunities. 

Sarah MacDonald

I have a BA Dramatic Studies from The Royal Conservatoire, Glasgow and a PGDE in Drama teaching, as well as qualifications in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Counselling Skills. My extensive experience of dealing with both adults and young people includes a college in the Northeast of China, several Scottish state schools, and a Highland stage school! I am motivated to always look beyond the obvious and try to help others find the nuances in every situation. My counselling skills have enabled me to bring compassion to my work, always trying to better understand others and their inner motivations.

I always look to make conversation with whoever I am around, constantly making new connections and friends. I am inspired by other people’s experiences and insight into how they see the world.

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Our workshops can be from learning lunches to longer sessions, stand alone or part of a series and can be delivered online or face to face

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