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  • Applied Theatre will help you develop the key skills to present yourself in a powerful and authentic way to create and strengthen the relationships you need for your career, business or personal interactions.
  • Applied Theatre understands that communicating with impact is a skill that can transform the way you feel about yourself, how others react to you and how you communicate.
  • Applied Theatre believes that self-efficacy is not fixed. You can become a confident, strong and inspiring communicator. 
"A very engaging workshop which boosts one's confidence and public presence."

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Challenge your fear of meeting new people, of finding your way into and out of conversations, of being rejected. Learn how you can make your way around a room of potential contacts and present your best self.

Returning to Work with Confidence

Returning to work after a time away for any reason can sometimes seem a daunting prospect. Perhaps the pandemic has meant you have not been in an office for months; you may have had a baby; you may have been ill or been caring for someone. Questions like “Can I deal with having so many people around? Can I do small talk anymore? Will I be able to speak up in front of others and know how to say what I mean without giving in to nerves? Can I do the job?” are among many of the fears people have in this situation. You are not alone!

Whatever reason you have for being away from the working environment for any length of time, you will have a unique perspective on life and a set of skills to add to the ones you already had. These are wider and more varied than you recognise.

This workshop will help you build confidence in the skills you feel you have lost touch with as well as help you identify YOUR unique set of new skills, build confidence, communication skills and assertiveness while retaining your sense of self.

Making Your Voice Matter

Your voice is unique. It reflects your background, your influences, your feelings and your personality. Anxiety about how you sound to others can be a serious barrier to effective communication. You can learn skills and techniques to ensure you can control the way you deliver your message with impact.

Non-Verbal Communication

In high stake situations your body language can “leak” inner feelings of nerves, fear and excitement when we want to communicate calm, control and confidence.

Being in control of your own non-verbal communication is key in ensuring that you communicate what you need to.

Being able to “read” other people before they even speak is a powerful tool. It gives you the opportunity to influence, control, anticipate and have presence in an interaction. Being able to empathise with and anticipate someone’s needs or moods allows you to engage more fully and more authentically, building meaningful relationships.

"A very beneficial experience to help build your confidence and learn useful skills to be applied in both a professional and personal capacity."


How can you effectively make yourself heard, without rubbing people up the wrong way? How can you find a way to make your voice heard when you feel ignored? How do you get the balance between assertiveness and aggression?

This workshop looks at how you can use your voice, language and non-verbal communication to become a more assertive person in both your work and personal life.

Interview Skills

One to one interviews, facing a panel of unfamiliar faces, being put on the spot, your mind going blank as you struggle to breathe. If this is how you feel about interviews, then this workshop will teach you the skills to prepare your body and mind for this high stakes situation. Once you have the interview, you know they are interested. Then it is down to you to be your best and most impressive self while still being true to who you are. People buy people. Make this your best interview yet.

Dealing with Conflict

Conflict, while often avoided, is not necessarily bad. In fact, conflict can be healthy because it encourages open-mindedness and helps avoid “group think” thereby encouraging creativity. The key is making conflict a catalyst for change, progress and meaningful relationships.

In this workshop we look at what conflict looks like to you, how you can differentiate between positive and negative conflict, how you can use simple but highly effective techniques to manage conflict effectively and positively.

Presentation Skills

Whether it is with an all singing all dancing slide show, the use of props, a simple speech or a challenging pitch, YOU are the product. You are the one thing that stands between an audience engaging with your message or being wholly uninspired. Technology breaks down, props get lost or don’t work, the heating turns off… and you still need to present your message. You still need to know you can engage your audience enough to change their minds, to persuade them to buy what you are selling, to give you the job.

This workshop teaches you the vocal and physical tools that you need to be an inspiring and authentic presenter in any situation.

"Unique opportunity to learn more about your own personal limitations and abilities. It gives you the opportunity to improve your speaking skills and most importantly how one can be distinct among the crowd."


We welcome inquiries from higher and further education institutions, corporate entities and social enterprises regarding our bespoke communication workshops. If you’d like to get in touch with us and find out more please email us at and we will respond at our earliest opportunity.  We look forward to hearing from you.