We had our “aha” moment, now read what our clients say about theirs.

Our workshops in 3 words

Engaging  Fun  Captivating

It  Was  Awesome

Learning  Empowering  Enlightening

Pragmatic  Interesting  Innovative

Amazing  Informative  Experience

Fun  Useful  Interactive

Clear  Concise  Engaging

What I have learned...

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and have found them to be extremely engaging and I’ve undoubtedly learned techniques and strategies that will benefit me in both my personal and professional development.”

“How to read others body language and when/how to apply techniques to try and change how they might be feeling.”

“This knowledge will definitely help us to become better presenters.”

“It was a unique opportunity to learn more about your own personal limitations and abilities. It gives you the opportunity to improve your speaking skills and most importantly how one can be distinct among the crowd.”

“Greater awareness of my own non-verbal communication and what to change in order to project a better image.”

“The workshop made me think about my own body language as well as cultural differences in communication with others.”

“I learnt that it is within my power to control my participation when communicating with others. There are strategies that I can learn/practise to enable me to better handle challenging situations.”

“As a testimony to your workshop, I’d like to mention that I have ADHD and usually the idea of a 2 hour anything is enough to send me into a panic, however today’s session struck the perfect balance of learning, conversation and interaction without feeling abandoned in a breakout room.”

“It highlighted the communication being used by different energies like assertive, passive etc.”

The coaches are...

“I really appreciated Sarah’s ability to get everyone involved in the discussion.”

“Brilliant!  As well as her personality, Fiona’s knowledge, skills and experience shone through and really helped get so much out of the sessions.”

“Very friendly and approachable. The workshop practice sessions were good and well planned.”

“I really appreciate the work Applied Theatre are doing and you’ve definitely inspired me to think outside the typical (and sometimes boring) box when presenting myself and communicating in a professional setting.”

“Great, very engaging and demonstrate great communication throughout.”

“Observant and engaging. Fiona was an excellent presenter. She came across well, I found it easy to understand and the pace of the course was good.”

“I really valued the personal feedback for both the interview and presentation. The tools are very easy to practice and I loved Sarah’s positivity.”

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